Individual Music Therapy

Individual Music Therapy sessions are structured toward promoting growth and improving overall quality of life.  An initial assessment will be taken to establish a client’s strengths and needs, and goals for the client will be written based on this information.  Goal areas include but are not limited to communication skills, fine and gross motor skills, socialization skills, visual and auditory processing, academic skills, and emotional well-being.  Music experiences will be designed to give the client opportunities to grow in these areas through playing instruments (drum, cymbal, xylophone, etc.) singing, songwriting and dancing/moving.

Individual Music Therapy Sessions include:

  • Weekly 30- or 45-min individual session What is Music Therapy?

  • Initial Assessment Report

  • Goals and Objectives

  • Treatment Plan

  • Semi-Annual Progress Report

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Group Music Therapy

Music Therapy groups will be formed based on several factors including age, common interests, developmental level, and similar needs.  Groups will consist of 2 to 6 people and will provide opportunities for members to work on skills in a social setting. An initial 1:1 session (30 minutes) will take place for assessment and placement purposes.

Group Music Therapy Sessions include:

  • Weekly 45-minute session

  • Initial 1:1 Assessment session and report

  • Goals and Objectives

  • Semi-annual Progress Report


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