At Duke City Music Therapy, LLC, we strive to provide quality music therapy services to individuals and groups of all ages and abilities in the Albuquerque area.  We focus on creating an environment that fosters creativity, self-expression, and growth.  We believe that music is a unique modality in the therapeutic process and provides fun and engaging opportunities to work on non-musical goals in areas such as social, motor, communication, cognitive, and emotional well-being. 

Music Therapy Sessions

Through the act of making music, individuals with special needs are provided with opportunities to grow and achieve.  Each session is unique and music experiences are designed to help individuals improve functional living skills and overall quality of life.

Early Childhood Music

Dance, sing, and play! In addition to promoting early music education, these classes provide opportunities for young children to develop coordination and movement, speech and language skills, and socialization skills with peers. 

Private Flute Lessons

Work toward a higher level of proficiency by studying the flute one-on-one with a professional.  Learn practice techniques, audition preparatory skills, and gain exposure to new repertoire.  All ages and abilities welcome!